Propeller Ads Basic Factors!!

So in this 2nd blog post, we are going to tell you basic factors about Propeller ads, Which I used on my website Droid Gamer & my other websites, So we tried our best to give you as much information we know and we collected from the internet. So lets get started again..

So First of all what is Propeller Ads?

Propeller Ads is a full and self-service advertising network providing comprehensive and industry-leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers. They are in the market for too many years so they are trustworthy, And below I give more information of basic factors on propeller ads.

Some Basic Factors & FAQ About Propeller ads!

Why is my CPM so low?

Propeller Ads CPM Rates are Highly Dynamic and depend on too many factors and the Most important Factor is The Quality of the traffic on your website, If The Quality of your website traffic is good and comes from the tier 1 Countries likes: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America (Acc to Website), Then you can expect a Highly CPM Rates and Higher Earning as well. But it takes About 2-3 Days To understand your website’s Traffic and Automatically improves your Rates. Also, They have a Great ad optimization algorithm For More Info Checkout Here And Read their full article About CPM Rates.



How is Coronavirus Impacting Publishers?

In Hard times of COVID 19 Publisher of the world Having a Questions about how coronavirus Impacting Publisher But the propeller ads give them Stats about how the COVID 19 Effect publisher of the market they told that there are Websites Like Media and news websites experienced a boost of almost 34% in traffic, Social and entertainment has About a 1% reduction. Some websites Experienced a Massive Boost Like the Free download services have about +55% and Movie websites have a gain of 65%  in their traffic. For More info About coronavirus impacting the market, you can read the full article here.


So Now What is TrafficBack and How Does it Work?

So, in today’s world, everybody wants to monetize their 100% Of traffic from their website but they can’t able to do that because lack of the product available in the market so in this situation the Propeller ads Comes with the Best solution for them to monetize their 100% Traffic with the TrafficBack. TrafficBack by is an innovative way to monetize users.

Now how it works For example A visitors come to your site which, didn’t want to subscribe to push notifications. In this time TrafficBack works perfectly for both affiliate links and affiliates websites. Publishers earning with affiliate links can achieve an extra +20% monetization profit. More great info about TrafficBack here.


So Who can Join Propeller Ads?

Anyone can join propeller ads Even u are a small publisher or a big publisher or u want to advertise anything on the internet you can join them too… its easy and quick process 

Below is the step by step guide for joining their network

  1. Click on This Link and Register for an account (Sign up as Publisher if you want to monetize your website or Sign up as Advertisers if you want to increase your sales or to get traffic)
  2. Once you have registered and activated your account, log in to the Propeller Ads dashboard.
  3. Click on Site > Add new site
  4. Add your Website and Verify it 
  5. And Boom!, you’re now active on propeller ads.
  6. Now Just Click on your website and then Add Zones, Select your preferred ads, and paste it onto your website.
  7. That’s all, Now you should see you’re earnings growing

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