Simple & Sobar Interstitial format For Earning

In this 3rd Blog, We come here to talk about the Simple and Sober platform for earning which is lightweight & does not take too much load on your website. So we tried our best to give you as much information we know and we collected from the internet.  

What’s an Interstitial format?

The Interstitial ad format includes a big image, a title, and a description that all can be customized. The ad appears over the website content with a small delay after a page is loaded.

So here is the Simple example of how Interstitial format Works !

Which Gives Best Cpm For Interstitial Format

Normally the minimal bids for Interstitial traffic are CPC from $0.001, CPM from $0,01 But the Propeller ads Give you all-time best CPM for Interstitial Formats. In this time, if u Don’t know Who is Propellerads.Com then I will give you a brief summary of propeller ads that Propeller Ads is a full and self-service advertising network providing comprehensive and industry-leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers. They are in the market for too many years so they are trustworthy, & if u want to know more about Propellerads you can go these links #Blog 1 about Propellerads & #Blog 2 about Propellerads 

So How can you use Interstitial Format

The first step is to join this network 

I will tell you that Anyone can join propeller ads Even u are a small publisher or a big publisher or u want to advertise anything on the internet you can join them too… its easy and quick process 

Below is the step by step guide for joining their network

  1. Click on This Link and Register for an account (Sign up as Publisher if you want to monetize your website or Sign up as Advertisers if you want to increase your sales or to get traffic)
  2. Once you have registered and activated your account, log in to the Propeller Ads dashboard.
  3. Click on Site > Add new site
  4. Add your Website and Verify it 
  5. And Boom!, you’re now active on propeller ads.
  6. Now Just Click on your website and then Add Zones, Select Interstitial ads, (Main Point: if your website Alexa rank is less than 500000 or equals to 500000 then you can use Interstitial format ..if your website is not eligible then you should try their other earning formats) after selecting the format you got an ad code then paste this ad code in your website.
That’s all, Now you should see you’re earnings growing

So after applying Ad Codes of Interstital Format You can see this type of ads in your PC or Desktop

And also after applying Ad Codes of Interstital Format You can see this type of ads in your Android Phones

So as u see their features and how to add the ad codes of interstitial formats. Now below is the screenshot of the Earnings in Propellerads

This is my earning in Interstitial only. As u see sometimes I got 16$ CPM For Interstitial Format & sometimes I got less CPM. But I like this format too much that’s why I m using it for too many months. You can read more about New Interstitial Format on the main site of Propeller ads

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