Reviews of the PUBG Mobile Game:

While both games have their merits, some players may have different preferences. For example, some players may enjoy the free-fire style, while others prefer a more competitive game. If you’re unsure, read the following comparison between PUBG and Free Fire. If you like a more competitive style, play PUBG.

Reviews of the PUBG Mobile Game:

PUBG Mobile:

When comparing PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, it’s important to remember that each game offers unique features. While both are part of the battle royale genre, they differ slightly in gameplay, graphics, system requirements, and more. Free Fire is designed specifically for low-end devices, while PUBG is intended for better machines.

PUBG Mobile has more detailed graphics, with characters, weapons, vehicles, and maps. Free Fire’s graphics are more cartoonish, making the game less realistic overall. While Free Fire’s pictures are still playable, PUBG Mobile’s graphics are superior. Both games are equally fun, but PUBG Mobile is the clear winner in the graphics department.

Both games offer an engaging game experience for gamers of all skill levels. Free Fire features time-time software updates, which are smoother and more convenient. In contrast, PUBG requires a significant amount of time to update. Even though Free Fire offers a faster and more consistent update cycle, PUBG often has issues with updates.

PUBG New State:

If you’re looking for a shooter on your mobile device, you should consider PUBG New State. This futuristic game features realistic colour palettes and futuristic graphics. This game is perfect for fans of Battle Royale genre games. It is available for Android and iOS.

PUBG New State has several new game modes, including the upcoming Troi map, which covers 64 square kilometres. The game also comes with a new training ground, a death-match map called Station, and a reworked Erangel map. It also includes a Craftland mode, allowing players to build their maps.

PUBG New State is much more realistic than Free Fire, as it features a practical map based on 2051. The game also offers a beautiful open-world battle royale experience on the Troi map. This map is realistic looking and stands out easily in the crowd of battle royale games.


PUBG Max is a popular battle royale game for mobile devices, but Free Fire Max is the superior version for those on lower-end machines. This version offers the most realistic battle royale experience for those on budget devices. However, many players are now playing it on higher-end devices. Whether you prefer Free Fire Max or PUBG Max depends on how much you enjoy the game.

PUBG Max has many more features than Free Fire. However, the Free Fire Max version isn’t compatible with older devices and doesn’t run at the highest graphics. Whether you want to use your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you must have a device with the right graphic settings to enjoy PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Max and Free Fire are free games offered by the same developer Garena. Both are free to download but come with in-app purchases. The two games closely resemble Battlegrounds in several ways. First, they copy the game’s structure, weapons, and objects. Additionally, they share the same overall colour scheme.

PUBG Mobile maps:ย 

Both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have some advantages and disadvantages. PUBG offers smaller maps and fewer vehicles, while Free Fire provides more variety and larger maps. It also offers easier shots and Aim, which is great for non-shooters. Regardless of which you prefer, check out these two games for more competitive multiplayer fun!

The graphics of PUBG Mobile are better than those of Free Fire. PUBG Mobile has more realistic characters, while Free Fire’s are cartoon-themed. Both games also have vehicles, which can increase your chances of survival. However, Free Fire maps are lighter and easier to move around. The cars also make more noise, making them better targets to hit.

Free Fire features a pet and skill system that makes it easier to customize your character. The game also provides modes for different events. For instance, Free Fire does not feature a Gloo Wall, while PUBG focuses more on gunplay. However, both games have good variants in other game modes.

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