Airdrops – Crypto Tokens For Android

Ever heard of airdrops? No? Well, you could be earning crypto tokens and selling them for profit (or just convert them to Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) So download now this amazing app and check the Airdrops – Crypto Tokens for android devices.

Airdrops - Crypto Tokens For Android


Teams behind crypto projects often decide to give away some percentage of their coins in order to build a community and raise awareness. So they started the free Crypto airdrop.

Up until now, there was no central point where you could see all of the active and upcoming cryptocurrency giveaways – The airdrops app is changing that. We curate the list of airdrops by hand and have a team of people on the lookout for newly launched airdrops every day.

They provide brief and concise descriptions and relevant links for each airdrop. You can enable the notifications and never miss another airdrop again.

They are still in early-stage and our future development will bring you even more earnings – download the app and stay tuned!