Naruto Shippuden – Kizuna Drive

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Game Information

FULL Name- Naruto Shippuden – Kizuna Drive





Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive the fourth installment of the Uzumaki Chronicles series. Like its prequel, it was released for the PlayStation Portable. The theme song for the game is Life Goes On by Junko Takeuchi.

The game goes by its own unique story that takes place immediately after the Akatsuki Suppression Mission, and it begins the Itachi Pursuit Mission. It tells the story of Yumegakure, originally nothing more than the hidden village of a tiny country. It became known for its control of a massive guardian beast, called the Three-Heads. That power made it superior even to the five great nations. It formed a pact of peace with Konohagakure, and the two became allies. That alliance has kept balance among the nations, keeping each in check.

However, one night someone who appears to be Naruto Uzumaki is seen moving along the rooftops of the village with a sinister smile on his face. As he places a tag on his face, the power of the Nine-Tails is released and he completely transforms. The Nine-Tails then fires a huge blast of chakra directly at the village, resulting in an enormous explosion that destroys most of the village and sets it ablaze. Itachi Uchiha is then seen observing the burning village as the villagers run in panic. Higher up, two shinobi, Yomito and Taisa are seen with their sorrow for their village, but a kunoichi, named Ryuka, encourages the three of them to go fight it. They are, however, stopped by the village chief, Enzo, who states they could not possibly defeat it. As he expresses anger that Konoha has betrayed them, a man, named Gensui, looms over the burning village and confronts the beast. As it fires another immense chakra blast, Gensui sends out a storm of sealing tags to counter the blast. He then rushes at the beast with a massive explosive tag as it prepares to fire another blast and the scene fades white with Gensui having supposedly perished.

Danzō Shimura is later seen discussing a plan with a shadowed figure, stating that the rest is up to him.

After some time, a series of kidnappings of Konoha ninja begin occurring. Team Kakashi, with Shikamaru replacing Sai, are sent on a special mission to look for clues at the Blue Fire Falls where a Konoha chūnin was abducted most recently. After fighting off some wild dogs, they find a backpack lying on the grass but they quickly get surrounded by a group of bandits who order them not to touch the pack. After defeat, the bandits retreat down to the river and Team Kakashi follows. After clearing out all the bandits, the leader appears before Team Kakashi. After they defeat them, Shikamaru suggests that they could not be the kidnappers and points out the clue they found — uniquely shaped footprints with jagged edges and some moss on them which he states doesn’t grow in this area.

He then suggest to give it to the analysis unit, but Kakashi says he has already sent Pakkun back to Konoha with the moss. As they head back to the village after completing their mission, Ryuka is secretly watching them, mumbling to herself how he can still be alive, thinking Gensui finished him. She then states she will never forgive him for attacking her village and that she will strike him down with her own hands. She then reports back to her father, Enzo, back in the remains of Yumegakure, who is just as surprised to hear that Naruto is alive. Thinking that Konoha is planning another attack on them, he states that he has an idea, his daughter easily guessing it is the release of the Three-Heads. Not wanting the Three-Heads to be released and innocent people from other countries to be pulled in, Ryuka states that she will put down the jinchūriki herself so they won’t have to release the Three-Heads.

As Naruto is having ramen with IrukaSakura turns up to call Naruto for an emergency meeting, but ends up beating him up for not wanting to come right away. As they arrive Sai, who is now free to go on the mission with them, bluntly asks Naruto about his beat-up face, angering him in a comedic fashion. Kakashi then gives the brief about the mission: another victim was attacked by something in the Ishikiri Desert so they are headed to the sight to look for clues again. As they walk through the desert they encounter bandits several times. After clearing out the bandits and arriving at their destination, Team Kakashi is confronted by shinobi of Yumegakure’s Tenrō clan. After defeating the weaker ones, a Tenrō chūnin arrives to fight them. After defeating him, more ninja from the Tenrō clan arrive. As they are about to clash with Team Kakashi, Ryuka calls for them to stop from the distance, stating that even if they take them on together they will never win. She introduces herself and tells Naruto of what “he” has done, but Naruto has no memory of doing it. She then states that they will be avenged and leaves, leaving Naruto confused. After that they search the desert once more.

While Team Kakashi was still searching the desert, Konohamaru is “training” in the forest near Konoha with Ebisu. As usual, Konohamaru uses the Sexy Technique on Ebisu, this time a “Hokage version”. Ebisu then scolds that he has been using vulgar types of techniques the whole time, but Konohamaru replies that Naruto is developing the “ultimate” Sexy Technique and that he can’t let him beat him. This interests Ebisu, who asks Konohamaru to give him more details. As they chatter, a group of Yumegakure shinobi confront them. Team Asuma with Yamato as their leader immediately arrives to fight of the enemies. Konohamaru insists on fighting too, but Ebisu manages to convince him that they’ll only get in the way. After defeating the Amagiri shinobi and their poisonous insects, a chūnin from the Hirasaka clan arrives to fight them. After defeating him, a Yumegakure ninja attempts to attack from behind, but Shikamaru easily defeats him. Yamato then spots his Yumegakure forehead protector. Taking the opportunity, an Amagiri ninja takes Konohamaru and attempts to escape. Shikamaru and Yamato attempt to stop him but he throws a kunai with an exploding tag that explodes and causes a smokescreen, allowing him to escape. Chōji suggests to go after them, but Shikamaru suspects it to be a trap. Seeing it as the best thing to do, they go back and report to Tsunade.

Elsewhere, Team Kakashi is headed back to Konoha. Kakashi mentions that the footprints they found at Blue Fire Falls were the same as the ones in the desert, but the kunoichi who attacked them left different footprints. This confirms that the kidnappers and the kunoichi are two different groups. Suddenly, Naruto strays an explosive tag trap, knocking him on the ground. As they go the rest of the way on the ground, they encounter shinobi form the Tenrō clan, as well as ninken from Yumegakure. After clearing them out, Ryuka appears once again before Team Kakashi, stating she will defeat Naruto and avenge Gensui. She fights alongside several ninken, but proves no match, so she activates the Tenrō-Style Ninjutsu: Beast-Human Transformation Technique, transforming into a wolf-like creature. Even in this form she is unable to win. After her transformation wears off she still attempts to fight, but Yomito arrives and leaves with her after she once again states she will be the one to take him down.

When Team Kakashi arrives back in Konoha, Naruto learns of Konohamaru’s kidnapping which greatly angers him. Team Asuma express their sorrow that they were unable to protect him, but Naruto simply yells at Tsunade as to why they haven’t been sent to save him yet. Kakashi then reports about the footprints and the moss, and Yamato mentions that similar moss was found at the scene of their fight. Tsunade than reveals the results of the analysis unit, identifying it as “Mythic Beast Moss” which only grows in the Forest of Mythic Beasts that surrounds Yumegakure. Tsunade then reveals terrifying information about the Three-Headed Guardian Beast and how the whole world might be destroyed if it were released. Shizune then enters and interrupts them, stating that there has been a report that a giant monster has appeared at the main gate. Naruto, assuming it’s the Three-Heads, immediately heads off to the site.

In the forest near Konoha, Hinata and Lee are sparring with Neji. As Neji and Lee are about the exchange blows, Hinata senses something and activates her Byakugan and sees a strong, eerie chakra about 30 kilometres from where they are. They then rush over to check it out, only to find the One-Tailed Shukaku breaking its way through the forest. Before they can begin battling it, Naruto arrives and immediately recognises Gaara‘s tailed beast, but doesn’t believe it could be him as Shukaku was already extracted by the Akatsuki. Neji then confirms this with his Byakugan and the four engage in combat with the beast. As they harm it, the beast seems to get stronger and stronger, but in the end they manage to defeat it. After being defeated the beast reverts to an unconscious Konoha shinobi. Sakura then arrives to treat him, and states that a lot of chakra was sucked out of him but confirms that his life isn’t in danger. Neji and Lee recognise that he is from Konoha and Kakashi arrives, saying that the kidnappers seem to be able to transform the ones they kidnap into false tailed beasts.

Team Kakashi and Team Asuma then discuss the happening with Tsunade and Shizune. Shizune reveals that the One-Tail’s likeness seems to be some form of Transformation Technique that uses the person’s life energy to produce power. Naruto, even more angry about Konohamaru’s kidnapping, wants for Tsunade to send them to rescue him. Tsunade then gives Kakashi and Yamato the mission to investigate Yumegakure and to apprehend the kidnappers, Team Kakashi to to be an advance unit and Shikamaru, Ino and Chōji with Yamato leading to go as support as Team Yamato. On their way, Team Kakashi fights off various Yumegakure shinobi, including ones from the Hirasaka clan.

After defeating them all and arriving at a waterfall near the Forest of Mythic Beasts, Yomito appears from the water and quickly engages in battle with them after stating he is surprised Naruto can show his face around here. He summons monsters called Nuiba to fight by his side, but Team Kakashi manages to defeat him and his monsters. Yomito then resorts to his Transformation Technique, putting his mask on his face and turning into an oni-like creature. However, this form doesn’t seem to be enough as he is defeated again and reverts back. Naruto then tries to convince him he wasn’t the one who attacked their village, but Yomito doesn’t believe him and attempts to fight once again. A dark mist then surrounds the area and Taisa arrives and invites Naruto to fight him in the Forest of Mythic Beasts.

Not far away, Sasuke‘s group Hebi are on the move through a forest. As usual, Suigetsu is tired from walking and insists they take a break, only for Karin to scold him and ask for Jūgo‘s support on the matter who is admiring the peace of the forest. Sasuke then senses shinobi hiding in the woods who quickly surround them, revealing to be from Yumegakure. After defeating the weaker shinobi an Amagiri chūnin appears, though is also defeated. One of the defeated ninja notices that Sasuke’s eyes are the same as the ones of the “guy in the black cloak” and asks if he is Sasuke’s ally. This catches Sasuke’s interest who asks where he is, but the ninja collapses before he can say anything. Jūgo asks what they should do and Sasuke mentions Yumegakure.

Back to Team Kakashi, they have now entered the Forest of Mythic Beasts but a fog is making it hard to find their way around. Team Yamato then comes out of the bushes, having been guarding Team Kakashi’s rear in case of a surprise attack. Yamato, having been here before, suggest to go to a place called the “Hill of Illusions” where they can look out over the forest and there is enough wind to disperse the mist. Kakashi, however says he’ll leave that to Team Yamato and that his team will go on ahead, as Naruto cannot wait that long. Yamato then mentions that they don’t have exceptional tracking abilities. At that time, Hinata, along with Neji and Lee, come out of the bushes, having been sent as reinforcements by Tsunade. With Hinata and Lee on Team Kakashi and Neji on Team Yamato they split up and head further into the forest. Through the forest they fight various ninja from the Amagiri clan along with their poisonous insects until being confronted by Taisa, who welcomes them to his “garden”. Taisa refuses to listen to Naruto and battles him to get revenge for his father. After being defeated and his mist being dispersed thanks to Team Yamato, Taisa activates his Transformation Technique, turning into a kabutomushi-like creature. Team Kakashi manage figure out his weak point — the underbelly, and use the large trees in the area to flip him over by tricking him into hitting them with a charge attack. After doing this several times they manage to defeat Taisa and break his transformation, which greatly upsets him. Ryuka then arrives, stating they are turning back now. Taisa doesn’t want to step down while losing to people like them in his “backyard”, but Ryuka states it’s an order from the village chief, after which he cooperates. Naruto tries to stop them but is unsuccessful. Team Yamato then arrives battle-ready, only for Kakashi to disappoint them and say the enemy already left.

Shortly after, Team Kakashi and Team Yamato arrive at their destination, Yumegakure, only to be shocked to see it in ruins. They are quickly confronted by Enzo, the village chief, who introduces himself and states he will have Naruto answer for his crime. Naruto demands they give him Konohamaru, but Enzo has no knowledge of that and cuts the conversation short and, after summoning loyal ninja from the Tenrō clan, engages with them in battle. After he and his fellow clansmen are defeated he uses the Tenrō-Style Ninjutsu: Beast-Human Transformation Technique to increase his strength and speed. However, he is still no match for Team Kakashi and is defeated again. Ryuka, Yomito and Taisa then arrive but instead of fighting Team Kakashi, Enzo tells Ryuka to go to the lava cavern near the village where the Three-Heads is sealed and unseal it, as it can only be unsealed by members of the Tenrō clan. He tells Yomito and Taisa to look after her and the three depart. Naruto tries to go after him but Enzo stops him. Kakashi takes Neji, Lee and Sai with him and goes after Ryuka, leaving Enzo to Yamato and the others.

As Kakashi and the others move in the direction Ryuka went they are confronted by Itachi and they quickly engage in combat. At the start of the battle Kakashi asks if the Akatsuki is involved but Itachi doesn’t answer. After Kakashi gains the upper hand Itachi begins to use his Sharingan. Though with difficulties Kakashi and his team are able to again gain the upper hand. While still battling Kakashi asks Itachi what he is doing here, but Itachi only asks of he wasn’t chasing someone. Kakashi demands an answer and so Itachi states he heard they were making false tailed beasts in Yumegakure and he came to see for himself. Itachi then disappears after stating he doesn’t intend on fighting him now. Kakashi and his team then continue with their mission. Itachi is then seen on a hill with Zetsu who asks if he is sure it’s all right to ignore Pain‘s orders, which were to destroy the fakes. Itachi then says that Konoha will do it for them.

Back in the ruins of Yumegakure, Sakura is healing a defeated Enzo who refuses aid from Konoha. Naruto once again tries to convince him that he’s innocent, but as Enzo asks where his proof is someone throws a kunai at him. The figure reveals himself as none other than Gensui, the one who everyone thought to have perished that night the “Nine-Tails” attacked the village. He then reveals that he set everything up so that the Tenrō can release the Three-Heads, which is vital to his ambitions. He then demonstrates how a false tailed beast is made, taking a Tenrō ninja and placing a tag on his face, transforming him into the same Naruto that released the false Nine-Tails on the village that night, who asks for Gensui’s orders. Gensui then states that Konoha gained much from the Nine-Tails’ attack on it years ago — the purpose to prevent such from happening again and a powerful weapon — Naruto Uzumaki. He then uses his triple-bladed claw to kill the fake Naruto, revering him back to the Tenrō ninja. Gensui then reminds Naruto about his dreadful childhood, but Naruto says that his persistence helped him make friends. Gensui then summons an Amagiri ninja who is holding Konohamaru and places a tag on his face, transforming him into a false Two-Tails, forcing Naruto to fight it. With the help of Sakura, Yamato and Hinata, Naruto defeats the false Two-Tails and it reverts back to a greatly exhausted Konohamaru who Sakura begins to heal right away.

Chōji, Ino and Shikamaru again express sorrow that they were unable to save him before, but Konohamaru says that it was scary being all alone but he knew everyone would come. Gensui then comes forth and the history of Yumegakure’s clans: originally it was the Amagiri clan who built Yumegakure, but the Tenrō clan came later, using the Three-Heads’ sealing technique as a shield and took over the village. When a Tenrō became chief the Amagiri clan’s history of oppression began. All the blame for the poverty of the village and the wars went to the Amagiri and they were exiled from the village. Gensui’s plan now is to retake the village for the Amagiri. He also aims to control the whole world with the power of his false tailed beasts and the Three-Heads, creating the utopia that his clan has longed for. Gensui then escapes and Enzo apologises to Naruto and asks of him to stop Ryuka from releasing the Three-Heads’ seal and gives him directions to the seal’s location — the lava cavern. Naruto and the others then set off for the lava cavern.

On their way Naruto’s group encounter shinobi from the Amagiri and Hirasaka clan and also some Nuiba. After defeating them they fight a Tenrō chūnin assisted by several weaker Tenrō ninja which they also defeat. When they arrive at the entrance to the lava cavern they find out that Kakashi’s team is already there. As they prepare to enter, Kakashi tells them to give it their all.

Back in the ruins of Yumegakure, an unconscious Enzo is lying on the ground when Hebi arrives. Sasuke tells him to wake up as he has something to ask him. Sasuke asks for Karin to treat him because he may know about Itachi, much to her annoyance. While Karin is treating him, the group are attacked and surrounded by Yumegakure shinobi which they fight off. After they defeat all the weaker ones a Hirasaka chūnin arrives to fight them but is also defeated. After that they return to Enzo, who regains consciousness and asks who they are. He mentions that a man wearing a black cloak passed through here a short while ago and Sasuke asks where he is, but Enzo answers that he doesn’t know and that he left in a hurry. Sasuke points his Kusanagi at Enzo’s throat, asking once more, but Jūgo suggests for him to stop as the man is close to death. Sasuke then asks Karin to search the surrounding area, much to her annoyance again. After she searches she states that they won’t be able to catch up any more and notes all the ninja in the area. Hearing that Sasuke decides for them to head to their original destination and they set off.

Back at the lava cavern, Ryuka is standing by the shrine where the Three-Heads’ seal lies and is about to release the seal when Naruto arrives. She asks how they found this place and Naruto replies that Enzo told them to come and stop them. He also tries to convince her, Yomito and Taisa that Gensui is alive and he framed him, but they don’t believe him. After fighting off some shinobi and kunoichi from Yumegakure, Team Kakashi faces Ryuka, Yomito and Taisa all at once. After they get defeated they activate their transformations and fight them one at a time, first Ryuka, then Taisa and finally, Yomito. After each is defeated Ryuka gets up and goes to the shrine to complete the seal’s release. Naruto tries one last time to convince her, but she still doesn’t listen and releases the seal. Everyone then witnesses the Three-Heads’ form and Kakashi decides for them to retreat. Yomito and Taisa then tend to Ryuka. As she is about to take the orb which can be used to control the beast, she is stabbed by a kunai thrown by Gensui who levitates the orb from the ground and takes it.

The three are stunned to see Gensui alive and well, who thanks Ryuka for unsealing the Three-Heads and states that he no longer has any use for Ryuka and Yomito. He throws a kunai at Ryuka, but Yomito steps in front of her and takes the blow. He attempts another attack, but Naruto steps in and intercepts the attack. Gensui then attempts to get his son, Taisa, to join him and tells him to kill his friends, but Taisa refuses. Gensui then places a tag on his face, transforming him into a false Two-Tails. Naruto angrily asks him if he has ever given a thought to their feelings, but Gensui replies that he doesn’t have time to play along with such childish games. Naruto then states that Gensui isn’t worthy to be village chief and that it isn’t violence or power that makes a country strong, but the bonds that hold them together. Gensui answers that for the sake of ambition, some ties must be severed, making Naruto remember about Sasuke and how he obtained the bonds he has now. Gensui then decides to sever those bonds and sends his transformed son to destroy Naruto. Naruto, however, once again manages to defeat the false Two-Tails with the help of the rest of Team Kakashi and revert Taisa back to normal. Taisa then apologizes about his father, but Ryuka says it’s not his fault. He also apologizes to Naruto for blaming it all on him. Ryuka expresses her sorrow that she didn’t listen to him when he told her not to release it, but Naruto reminds her not to give up hope and states that he will stop the Three-Heads no matter what.

Back in Konoha, Shizune reports to Tsunade that the Three-Heads is closing in on them and says that they need to mobilize the Anbu and expel the enemy with everything they’ve got, but Tsunade insists trust Naruto and the others. At that time, Team Kakashi confronts Gensui and the Three-Heads once again. As Gensui is about to use the Three-Heads, Ryuka appears and holds a kunai at Gensui’s throat. She asks Naruto to attack and not to worry about her, but Gensui swiftly turns it around and restrains Ryuka. He then decides to use her to stop Team Kakashi and places a tag on her face, transforming her into a false Nine-Tails. After Gensui disappears along with the Three-Heads, Team Yamato arrives along with Lee and Hinata to fight the false Nine-Tails in Naruto’s place, leaving the rest to him in exchange. With Shikamaru taking charge, the group engages the false Nine-Tails in battle. In the end, they emerge victoriously and the false Nine-Tails reverts back to Ryuka, who Yamato orders Ino to treat right away. She thanks them for saving her, and Shikamaru tells Naruto to take care of the rest.

Team Kakashi manages to catch up to Gensui and the Three-Heads. An enraged Gensui then allows the Three-Heads to absorb him. Taisa arrives just in time to see his father absorbed into the beast. After absorbing Gensui, the Three-Heads becomes engulfed in black-purple chakra and emerges in a new, armored form, resembling a lion. Taisa then steps forward and yells for his father to stop, but the Three-Heads attempts to stomp on him, but Naruto saves him. Naruto apologizes to Taisa and states that he will take down the monster and save his father. Taisa asks if he can believe him and, when Naruto answers he can, begs him to stop his father for the sake of both their villages. After that Team Kakashi begins their final battle with the Three-Heads. After a long battle full of trials, Team Kakashi manage to destroy the Three-Heads and free Gensui, who falls to the ground. When Naruto steps up to him, Gensui once again tells about the dreadful life the Amagiri had to live after being exiled from Yumegakure and how he wanted to make the Tenrō walk that same path. Naruto calls his want for vengeance stupid when Enzo arrives. Enzo says how all this was brought on by the Tenrō and the Amagiri, but the Amagiri held the burden of the two. He asks Gensui for forgiveness because even though Enzo was his ally, his friend, he could not sense his pain.

Ryuka and Yomito then arrive, and Naruto reminds everyone that, even though he doesn’t know much about the Tenrō and the Amagiri, they are both from the same village. Ryuka, Yomito, and Taisa then state that that’s true and, even though they fight sometimes, they all love their village. Taisa concludes that even though they cannot bury the past right away, they can try to understand each other and, if they do, a path will surely reveal itself. Enzo says that times have chances and that he is sure that the future will be different. Ryuka then stands up to tell everybody something and tells them not to laugh. She has a dream, one fitting for Yumegakure: she wants to build a village where no one’s bound by grudges, and everyone can wear a smile on their face. Yamato asks if that’s even possible and Enzo answers that it is as long as they have bonded. Ryuka then thanks Naruto for all he has done for her and Yumegakure, but Naruto says that he was only trying to save his friends in Konoha.

Back in Konoha during night time, a Root division member reports to Danzō that the Yumegakure incident has failed. Danzō then states that perhaps it was too great a task for “a restless bunch of backwoods nobodies” and puts it aside, stating that there will be other chances for him to become Hokage, revealing that this whole incident was some twisted plan of Danzō’s to make him Hokage.

Hebi is seen by a river at dusk, Suigetsu wanting a break again. Sasuke states they are in a hurry and they set out and continue their search for Itachi.

After the end credits, we see Konoha helping rebuild Yumegakure, and Yamato’s Wood Release coming in very handy for it. He is, however, tired from using so much chakra, so Team Kakashi begins flattering him, resulting in him creating a giant tree to show off his power. Ebisu states that, as a jōnin, Yamato should have more dignity, but Konohamaru then shows just how much of it Ebisu has by using a “Ryuka version” of the Sexy Technique on him, which greatly affects him. He asks what Naruto thinks of it, but Naruto states that it’s nothing and prepares to use his “newly developed super sexy ninjutsu”, resulting in Sakura punching both of them at once, saying they are a disgrace to Konoha. Ryuka simply laughs at this, saying they are hilarious. Yomito says that they’ll have to work hard not to lose to them, but Ryuka says it wouldn’t hurt for him to be a bit more cheerful. Taisa states that he will live his life to atone for the crimes his father committed and says that he won’t let them start down the wrong path again. Ryuka says that it’s not just him and that everyone is with him too. She also says that they will protect their village with the power of their bonds, just the way Naruto protected his and that they will make it just as splendid as Naruto’s is. Naruto then says that they aren’t going to lose, either and, as white birds fly off into the sky, the kanji for “The End” appears.


Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive
Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive
Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive
Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive















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