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Chili Con Carnage Free Download

You may have heard of Chili Con Carnage, the new game for the Nintendo Switch that’s all the rage. It’s a pretty intense game, and it can be a lot of fun if you know what you’re doing. In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to play the game like a pro.

Full Name:Chili Con Carnage
Genre:Action, Shooter
Rating:3.9 By 11,571 Peoples
Platform:Playstation Portable
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Overview of Chili Con Carnage Game

Chili Con Carnage is a game for iOS and Android devices that challenges players to cook up the hottest chili recipes possible. You’ll start with a basic recipe, and then you’ll add ingredients to make it hotter and spicier. The further you progress in the game, the more complex your recipes will become.

Chili Con Carnage Gameplay

There are also numerous achievements to earn, and your progress is tracked on a leaderboard. So if you’re looking for a spicy challenge, Chili Con Carnage is the game for you.

Storyline and Campaign Mode

Chili Con Carnage is a game that takes place in a city filled with chili peppers. In the game, you play as one of the characters who are trying to save the city. There are different levels in the game, and each level presents a new challenge.

Chili Con Carnage Free Download
Chili Con Carnage Free Download

The campaign mode is the primary mode of play in Chili Con Carnage. In this mode, you play through all of the levels in the game. There are different objectives that you need to complete at each level in order to advance to the next one. There are also unlockables that you can get by completing certain objectives.

Characters & Weapons

In the game, you’ll take on the role of one of six characters, each with their own unique weapons and abilities. You’ll brawl your way through levels using your character’s unique set of moves to take out the enemies in your way.

Chili Con Carnage Free Download
Chili Con Carnage Free Download

There’s Fang, the skilled hunter with a deadly bow; Gunner, the heavy artillery who deals massive damage with his minigun; and Brawler, the bare-knuckled fighter who can take down enemies with his fists and feet. Then there’s Slyder, the speedy assassin who uses her blades and daggers to take out her targets; Lazerus, the undead warrior who shoots beams of energy from his eyes; and Tank, the towering brute who can take a beating and deal out serious damage with his mace.

Gameplay & Features

Chili Con Carnage is an action game that takes place in South America. You play Rico, a man on a mission to take down the criminal underworld. In order to do this, you’ll need to complete various missions with your trusty sidekicks Chili and Carnage.

Chili Con Carnage Free Download
Chili Con Carnage Free Download

The game features fast-paced action and intense gameplay set in stunning environments. You’ll be able to explore jungles, cities, and even glaciers on your mission to take down the criminals. You can also drive vehicles like cars, boats, and bikes for added fun.


At the end of the day, Chili Con Carnage is a fun and frantic game that is sure to keep you entertained. With its simple controls and exciting gameplay, it is easy to see why this game has become so popular. So, if you are looking for a new game to play, be sure to check out Chili Con Carnage.