Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai 2 FOR PSP

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

North American cover art of the first Budokaigame
Genre(s) Fighting
Developer(s) Dimps
  • JP / EU: Bandai
  • NA / AUS: Infogrames

(Budokai PlayStation 2)

  • NA / AUS: Atari, Inc.

(Budokai 2-onwards)

Platform(s) PlayStation 2
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Platform(s) of origin PlayStation 2
Year of inception 2002
First release Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
November 2, 2002
Latest release Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection
November 2, 2012



The Budokai series plays like a typical 3-D fighting game. As well as including the regular punch and kick buttons, there is the ability to shoot Ki blasts, which can also be used in specific special moves. The special moves are mainly taken from individual characters’ own special moves from the show; including, but not limited to, Goku’s Kamehameha, Vegeta’s Galick Gun and Frieza’s Death Beam. Although these mechanics have stuck with the series, other ideas such as the “Hyper Mode” the ability to move at incredible speeds, fly freely, and “Beam Struggles” between two characters’ beam attacks. were later replaced in favour of other techniques.


Budokai 2[edit]

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, released as Dragon Ball Z 2 (ドラゴンボールZ2 Doragon Bōru Zetto Tsū) in Japan, is a fighting game based upon the popular anime series, Dragon Ball ZBudokai 2 is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and was developed by Dimps and published by Atari for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. It was released for the PlayStation 2 in North America on December 4, 2003, and on the Nintendo GameCube on December 15, 2004. The game was published in Japan by Bandai, and released for the PlayStation 2 on February 5, 2004.

The game’s features include a tournament stage, versus mode, and an item shop. The story mode in the game is known as Dragon World, and plays like a board game as the player assembles a team of Z-fighters alongside Goku to challenge the various enemies in the series starting from the Saiyan Saga up to the final Kid Buu Saga. The game has a total of 31 playable characters including fusions of different fighters, and Majin Buu’s various absorbed forms, many of which were unique to Budokai 2 including an original fusion between Tien and Yamcha and Super Buu absorbing Vegeta, Frieza, Cell and Tien and Yamcha at the same time, and did not appear in future games. The Japanese version of the game added several new costumes, as well as a new stage in the game’s story mode. Some of the added costumes were added to the North American release of the GameCube version.


Once again, the North American versions feature English voice acting from the North American Funimation dub. The European PlayStation 2 version also features it, while the later European GameCube version switched back to the original Japanese voice acting because of negative feedback from most European Dragon Ball fans which were used to the Japanese dub since the 16-bit era.[3





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