Hellboy – The Science Of Evil Free Download

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the game. We’ll answer the most common questions people have about it, from how it compares to pass games based on the Hellboy license to whether or not it’s appropriate for kids. We’ll even give you our take on whether or not it’s a good game. So, if you’re curious about Hellboy: The Science of Evil, read on!

Full Name: Hellboy – The Science Of Evil
Game Size: 650.4MB
Language: USA
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platform: Playstation Portable
Rating: 3.7 Given by 103 Peoples
Hellboy - The Science Of Evil Free Download
Hellboy – The Science Of Evil Free Download

Overview of the Hellboy the Science of Evil Game

Hellboy: The Science of Evil is an action-packed video game that allows players to take on the role of the popular comic book character Hellboy. In this game, players explore a world of dark secrets and supernatural events as they battle their way through treacherous levels.

Hellboy - The Science Of Evil Free Download
Hellboy – The Science Of Evil Free Download

The objective of the game is to stop the evil scientist Rasputin from unleashing a demonic plague upon the world. To do this, players must use all of Hellboy’s strength and skills to overcome Rasputin’s evil minions. The game is set in a variety of locations, including a haunted house, a dark forest, and a twisted laboratory.

Gameplay and Controls of Hellboy the Science of Evil

The controls in Hellboy are easy to learn and simple to use. The left thumbstick moves Hellboy around, and the right thumbstick aims the equipped weapon. The ‘A’ button jumps, while the ‘B’ button punches or uses your equipped weapon. You can also run by holding down the left thumbstick, and Hellboy will automatically aim his weapon when you start running.

To activate your shield, press the white ‘X’ button. By pressing and holding the ‘Y’ button, you can access your inventory screen to select different items that you’ve picked up along the way. You can also press the directional pad (up, down, left, or right) to quickly equip weapons or items.

Key Features of the Hellboy the Science of Evil Game

Based on the characters and storylines from the Hellboy movies, the Hellboy the Science of Evil game lets players take on the role of the heroic Red Menace as he battles through waves of Nazi minions.

Key features of the game include:

Hellboy - The Science Of Evil Free Download
Hellboy – The Science Of Evil Free Download

-Battle through five different levels, from the rooftops of Berlin to the depths of a sinister vampire den

-Use a variety of powerful weapons and special abilities, including Hellboy’s trademark “Right Hand of Doom”

-Take on hordes of enemies in dramatic boss fights

The game is available now on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, and Windows PC.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Hellboy The Science of Evil

Ready to take on the world of Hellboy and his supernatural foes? Here are some tips that can help you out in challenging situations.

Firstly, always keep an eye on your ammunition. You’ll need to reload regularly so try to find as many hidden ammo caches as you can. Fighting hordes of enemies will quickly drain your supply of bullets, and having a few extra around can save your life. Also, it’s important to keep an eye on your health bar. Being aware of this is especially important during boss fights since these tend to be the most difficult fights you’ll encounter in the game.

Hellboy - The Science Of Evil Free Download
Hellboy – The Science Of Evil Free Download

Secondly, try using fire and explosives against enemies whenever possible. They cause much more damage than standard weapons and will make many battles much easier – especially when fighting multiple enemies at once. If you’re low on health or ammo, it’s also worth exploiting environmental hazards that exist in levels from time to time – things like electricity, fire, and poison can do a lot of damage to groups of enemies with little effort from your end.


When it comes to Hellboy, The Science of Evil, you are the key to success. This game is all about using your skills and abilities to take on the forces of evil and stop them from taking over the world. With your help, we can save the world and keep it in safe hands. Thanks for playing!

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