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MediEvil – Resurrection Free Download

The developers at Other Ocean Interactive say they are aiming to stay true to the look and feel of the original game while also bringing it up to date with modern graphics and controls. You can check out the debut trailer for the game above.

In MediEvil: Resurrection, players take on the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque, an undead knight who is resurrected in a world ruled by evil. Your mission is to defeat the evil sorcerer Zarok and save the kingdom.

Full Name: MediEvil – Resurrection
Game Size: 854.0MB
Language: USA
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platform: Playstation Portable
Rating: 3.8 Given by 184 Peoples
MediEvil - Resurrection Free Download
MediEvil – Resurrection Free Download

Overview of MediEvil – Resurrection Game

MediEvil is a third-person action-adventure game that was originally released for the PlayStation in 1998. The game is set in the fictional medieval kingdom of Gallowmere and follows the gallant Sir Daniel Fortesque as he attempts to stop the evil sorcerer Zarok from taking over the kingdom.

MediEvil - Resurrection Free Download
MediEvil – Resurrection Free Download

The game was remastered and released for the PlayStation 4 in October 2019 with updated graphics and additional content. The new version also includes a photo mode, allowing players to capture screenshots of their favorite moments.

MediEvil – Resurrection is a single-player game that can be played offline or online. The game can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

Characters in MediEvil – Resurrection

The game features a wide range of characters from the original MediEvil game, including Sir Daniel Fortesque, as well as new characters such as Zarok, played by Jason Connery. The game’s script was penned by Alistar McNeill and features performances by Hollywood actors including Harry Lister Smith and Sean Pertwee.

MediEvil - Resurrection Free Download
MediEvil – Resurrection Free Download

You play as the skeletal Sir Daniel Fortesque, who was brought back to life to stop the evil sorcerer Zarok. Sir Daniel is joined on his adventure by other characters from the original game, such as Alisha and Winston, as well as new allies such as the enchanting sorceress Elvira.

Tips and Strategies for MediEvil – Resurrection

When you start playing, make sure you check the control settings and customize them to your liking.

You can also change the button layout in the Options menu. In the pause menu, you can also access a map of the level you’re playing. This is especially handy if you get lost (which is likely to happen, given the twists and turns in some levels).

MediEvil - Resurrection Free Download
MediEvil – Resurrection Free Download

If you find yourself stuck, you can usually find a way to progress if you look around carefully. Pay close attention to your surroundings and see if there are any clues or objects that you can interact with.

Graphics and Sound Effects of MediEvil – Resurrection

When it comes to the audio of MediEvil – Resurrection, you’ll be happy to know that the sound effects are quite accurate and enjoyable. The game has full stereo surround sound for each item and action that happens in the game world. This really adds some depth and atmosphere to the game, and you can even experience 3D sound for a fully immersive experience.

In terms of graphics, MediEvil – Resurrection boasts vibrant, colorful visuals which reflect the cartoony art style of the game. The graphics are crisp and detailed, giving players a very pleasing visual experience while they explore the game’s worlds. The level designs are diverse, ranging from forests to castles, adding variety and uniqueness to your adventure. All in all, MediEvil – Resurrection offers a great visual presentation that you’re sure to love.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about MediEvil – Resurrection Game. We hope you have a fantastic time playing it!