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Sonic Rivals 2 Free Download

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Sonic Rivals 2. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about the game, from the controls and characters to the various levels and minigames.

We’ll also give you some tips and tricks on how to play the game and beat your opponents. So whether you’re a Sonic fan or just looking for a new game to play, Sonic Rivals 2 is definitely worth checking out!

Full Name: Sonic Rivals 2
Game Size: 240.1MB
Language: Europe
Genre: Racing
Platform: Playstation Portable
Rating: 4.0 Given by 186 Peoples
Sonic Rivals 2 Free Download
Sonic Rivals 2 Free Download

Overview of Sonic Rivals 2

Sonic Rivals 2 is a fast-paced 2D racing game that was developed by Backbone Entertainment and published by Sega in 2007 for the PlayStation Portable handheld system. The objective of the game is to race against a rival character and reach the goal first. Along the way, players can use power-ups to gain an edge over their opponents.

Sonic Rivals 2 Free Download
Sonic Rivals 2 Free Download

The game features a total of 15 characters (7 from the Sonic franchise and 8 from other Sega franchises), as well as 4 alternate costumes for each character. It also includes a story mode, which can be played either solo or co-operatively with a friend, and a competitive multiplayer mode.

Features of the Sonic Rivals 2 Game

The Sonic Rivals 2 game is a fast-paced, 2.5D platforming game that lets you play as one of four iconic Sonic characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Amy. Each character has their own unique abilities and plays style that you’ll need to use to your advantage if you want to beat the game.

Sonic Rivals 2 Free Download
Sonic Rivals 2 Free Download

The game is set across five worlds, each with its own unique theme. You’ll need to jump, run and spin your way through colorful levels full of obstacles and enemies if you want to reach the end. Along the way, you’ll find collectibles and power-ups that will help you in your quest.

Character Roster of the Sonic Rivals 2 Game

There are a total of ten characters in Sonic Rivals 2- six playable characters and four boss characters. The playable characters are Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, Silver, and Blaze. The four boss characters are Dr. Robotnik, Eggman Nega, Metal Sonic, and Iblis.

Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for the Sonic Rivals 2 Game

Playing Sonic Rivals 2 can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit challenging. If you’re having trouble getting ahead in the game, there are some tips, tricks, and cheats you can use to give yourself an edge. First off, it’s important to master the basics of the game. You should always keep your speed up, avoid obstacles, and stay on the right path. Make sure you know the layout of each track since shortcuts are key! And of course, practice makes perfect—try playing multiple times to get better at the game.

Sonic Rivals 2 Free Download
Sonic Rivals 2 Free Download

If you want to cheat a little bit, there are some cheats available online that you can use when playing Sonic Rivals 2. You can get invincibility mode, infinite shields and boost pads, as well as infinite lives and double points in time attack mode. Keep in mind that these cheats may make the game too easy for experienced players!


In conclusion, Sonic Rivals 2 is an exciting and challenging game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. With its colorful graphics, engaging gameplay, and a wide array of levels, Sonic Rivals 2 is sure to please fans of the Sonic series and newcomers alike. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of Sonic Rivals 2 and get started on your next gaming adventure!