Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament For PSP

Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament
Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament Box Art.JPG

North American cover art
Developer(s) Irem Software Engineering
  • JP: Irem
  • NA: Atlus
Series Steambot Chronicles
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
  • JP: July 10, 2008
  • NA: June 30, 2009
Genre(s) Action-adventure, sandbox
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer, Ad Hoc (1-4 Players), GameSharing

Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament (ポンコツ浪漫大活劇バンピートロット ビーグルバトルトーナメント Ponkotsu Roman Daikatsugeki Bumpy Trot: Vehicle Battle Tournament) is an action-adventure game for the PlayStation Portable handheld that features a sandbox style of play. The game was developed by Irem Software Engineering in Japan and is published by Atlus in North America.

It is a spinoff of Steambot Chronicles, a 2005 PlayStation 2 title. A sequel to Steambot Chronicles, called Bumpy Trot 2, was announced and shown at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show, though it was officially cancelled in 2011. Blocks Club with Bumpy Trot is another spinoff title, originally released for the PlayStation 2 and later ported to the PlayStation Portable.


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