What to Do If Your Google Ads Account Gets Suspended?

The competition within the business industry is fierce. Everybody is struggling to secure the top position and transform their brands. Advertisers spend significant amounts of money annually to facilitate their businesses growth. Google ads is one of the most popular platforms used by advertisers to transform their businesses. 

Like any other platform, using a Google ads account comes with its disadvantages. You risk losing your Google ads account if you violate the available rules and regulations. Have you ever heard of a Google ads account suspension? In 2019, Google suspended more than 2.3 billion accounts due to the violation of the rules. 

Once you detect that your account is suspended, obviously, you have violated some of the stipulated rules. This article sheds light on everything you need to know about Google ads account suspension and how you can solve the problem. Stick to this article to the end! 

What Are Google Ads? 

Google ads refer to the pay-per-click platform owned by Google helping business owners gain visibility across different platforms. Besides, marketers use different types of Google ads to diversify their products and services. The most common type is search ads which mostly appear on the SERPs. 

Google uses ads to facilitate things such as YouTube ads, shopping ads, display ads and many more. In most cases, Google ads work the same way as PPC ads. You only need to pay when a potential client clicks on your ad. 

But it’s also good to take some time to learn more about your Google ads circumventing systems and what you can do to retrieve your account. 

What Happens When Your Google Ads Account is Suspended?

What exactly happens when your Google ads account is suspended? Once your account gets suspended, all the ads and ad activities stop. This indicates that every ad group and campaign no longer shows on Google. As a result, you won’t get access to potential clients since your ads won’t be displayed anymore. 

The Google crawlers won’t be able to take clients to your business landing page or website. All the ads running through your account will be suspended whether they violate the laws. In some circumstances, the merchant account can also get suspended. 

Reasons for the Google Ads Account Suspension

Google ads offer an effective way to conduct their operations and reach potential customers. However, this approach can also be tough at some point, especially when your ad account gets suspended. When you violate the policies put in place by Google, you risk your account getting suspended. 

Before we get to how you can revive your account and get everything running smoothly, let’s look at some of the reasons that may result in suspending your Google ads account. 

Violating the Law

The most common reason that is likely to result in the suspension of your ads account is a violation of the law. Google is said to have zero tolerance on law violation cases. Even if you are violating the laws unknowingly, you are still at risk of getting suspended. 

It’s essential to ensure that you familiarize yourself with all the laws and guidelines governing your ads account to prevent cases of suspension. Besides, the laws can carry from one country to the other. You should ensure that you are familiar with the laws governing the operations within your region. 

Sine of the illegal activities that can result in the suspension of your ads account include: 

  • Human trafficking
  • Violating the trademark laws 
  • Selling illegal drugs
  • Running Ponzi schemes 
  • Selling counterfeit products

Malicious Software 

Once Google detects the availability of malicious software on your website, your account is at a high risk of getting suspended. The software is likely to affect the computer of the user and temper with their personal information. When Google detects something similar to this on your website, your ads account gets suspended immediately. 

To avoid such risks, you must understand what malicious software refers to. A software is considered malicious when: 

  • It has signs of phishing or sending unauthorized email messages to users
  • Reported by users that it’s a source of unwanted behavior such as spam
  • Designed to damage other devices 
  • It contains viruses or other dangerous content 


What is counterfeiting? This refers to selling goods or services you have not created, and you do not have the legal rights to sell. In most cases, counterfeiters sell products cheaply compared to authentic owners. This is likely to result in the loss of business for the authentic owner of the product or service. 

Whenever Google notices that you are selling counterfeit goods, your ads account is likely to be suspended immediately. After the suspension, all the ad accounts will be placed under review to monitor what you are doing. Advertisers should learn what counterfeiting involves and how it’s related to their Ad Grants. 

How to Reactivate Suspended Google Ads Account?

Is your Google ads account suspended? It can be frustrating, right? But you know what? You can still recover the account and bounce back to normal as if nothing happened! What you need to keep in mind is that after the account is suspended,

you need to wait for an email from Google to explain the reason behind the suspension. 

How do you reactivate the account? Below are simple steps that you can use to secure your account after suspension! 

  • Remove Any Dangerous Software Available

The first step to securing your account is to check for any dangerous software on your website and remove it. This should be the immediate step, especially if Google has highlighted it from the suspension email. You can easily achieve this by scanning your website using a malware scanner that can crawl across the entire website. 

Also, you can choose to run an ad-hoc scan on your website using your preferred solution. After removing the malware, you can get in touch with Google and ask them to review your site. 

  • Modify the Ads 

Getting suspended by Google does not mark the end of your business. You can still make a few changes to your ads, and everything will get back to normal. After the suspension, you need to contact some sort of serious self-evaluation to identify where you went wrong. The immediate step is to find out the reason why you got suspended. 

If you realize that your account got suspended due to things such as deceptive practices or spam, it’s time to make edits to your content or the targeting of your ads. Evaluate your ads to ensure that they comply with Google advertising policies. Whenever you detect issues, try to make the required changes. 

After making the respective changes, submit them to Google and give them room for review. 

Create an Account Using a Family Link 

Google can also suspend your ads account if you haven’t attained the required age. You can create an account using a family link to get out of this mess. The family link app allows you to create a Google ads account while ensuring that it’s only accessible to individuals over the age of 13. It also ensures that parents have consent. 

This approach can help you to ensure that the account is compliant to the rules and regulations of Google. As a result, your account won’t be suspended. 


When your ads account is suspended, you can make the decision to appeal the case to recover the account. How do you appeal? The first step is to find out why your account got suspended. You can do this by checking on the email that Google sends. If you are unsure of the suspension reason, you can contact Google for clarity. 

After getting the reason, combine your appeal with clear information about what exactly happened and why you believe it was a mistake. Ensure that the appeal has supporting evidence to back you up. The evidence can be a screenshot or an email. Submit the appeal to Google via support@google.com and wait for feedback. 

Ask Questions

When you get the suspension email a d you are still unsure about what is happening, you can ask questions to get a full explanation. In addition, you can consult expert advertisers who have been in the game for a long time. They can help you troubleshoot your ads account and help you figure out the way forward. 

You can make a post on different platforms explaining what happened to get assistance from experts. Consider using platforms such as Reddit, and Quora, among others. 

Stay Secure 

Keep your website secure by applying a reliable security plug-in. The plugin will help to ensure that your website is secure from malware and other types of Security threats. Use strong passwords to prevent unauthorized access. 

Bottom Line 

Getting your Google ads to account suspended can be heartbreaking. But, there is a way out! Getting an email to notify you that your account is suspended should not be surprising. What you need to be careful with is ensuring that you do not violate any of the rules and regulations put in place. Remember that Google ads can help you enhance brand awareness by 80%. You don’t need to lose this opportunity! 

The best way to ensure that you continue benefiting from Google ads is to ensure you operate in line with the available rules and regulations. Focus on ensuring that your account is safe and you do not take part in other awkward mistakes that can lead to suspension. You can appeal the case and retrieve it if you realize your account is suspended without a genuine reason. 

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