GTA Gameplay Aspects That Should Be Revived In GTA VI

Rockstar Games premium product: Grand Theft Auto has always been all about something new and outstanding. And the company makes this happen by working on the elements that had tasted success before, and modernising them further, in sync with recent times, in the process ensuring that every one of forthcoming Grand Theft Auto iterations are as memorable as their ancestors. That is why, with the Grand Theft Auto VI release date fixed up for any time in 2025, a question is making rounds in the Grand Theft Auto community, that which of the Grand Theft Auto mechanics are going to make a comeback this time. 

GTA VI Size Offers Space To Several Elements From Previous GTA Iterations

Furthermore, when one takes a look back at the Grand Theft Auto’s past, several of the gameplay elements have arrived on the scene and departed from the stage, when a new Grand Theft Auto iteration made its debut. But this time things seem different because of the Grand Theft Auto VI appearing to be a bigger setup in comparison to the various Grand Theft Auto iterations. That is why there is no doubt that several of the elements from various Grand Theft Auto iterations are expected to make a comeback. Looking for affordable GTA 5 modded accounts for your weekend gaming session, try CSGOSmurfNinja once!

GTA Mechanics That Should Be Resurrected In GTA VI

1. Multiplayer Option

Multiplayer components have been accompanying Grand Theft Auto iterations ever since they came into being. Meanwhile, whenever there is a mention of Grand Theft Auto and multiplayer, the very first idea that comes to the mind of Grand Theft Auto community members is Grand Theft Auto Online, Grand Theft Auto V’s globally popular online sibling. 

Not just that, helped by the expansions that came with the updates over the years that just passed by, Grand Theft Auto Online has been a Grand Theft Auto community favourite ever since its public debut, which it made immediately post the launch of Grand Theft Auto V’s campaign. Looking for modded GTA accounts for Xbox consoles, try the GTA V modded accounts xbox one listing available at CSGO Smurf Ninja to fulfil your wish!

Furthermore, with its comprehensive suite of modes, that ranges from conventional heists, to the extreme outlandish, like cloud racing over the Los Santos sky, Grand Theft Auto Online offers something to everyone. It doesn’t mean that there is no potential for improvement and expansion. All of this can be achieved by the exhaustive map that Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to offer to its fanbase. 

2. Personalising The Main Character

Starting Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, back in 2002, Rockstar Games has tried different permutations and combinations, when it comes to customising protagonists; all thanks to the different outfit choices available to Tommy Vercetti. This idea was experimented with further when it became a regular thing two years later, as Grand Theft Auto: San Andres allowed customization that was not just limited to hairstyles, clothes, and other accessories. Want instant delivery of your modded accounts, try CSGOSmurfNinja!

Grand Theft Auto V continued this tradition, but removed some of the features, like workouts influencing body type and having diets. To be straightforward, my Grand Theft Auto community fellows had a lot of fun with this much level of control over the player character. And with the technology getting advanced by leaps and bounds with each passing by moment, it would be interesting to see the extent to which we can infuse our unique perspective onto Lucia.

3. Cyberspace

Furthermore, each and every Grand Theft Auto instalment serves as a snapshot of contemporary pop culture, offering an engaging representation of several aspects of society during different periods that just went by. To be specific, the music that was played on Grand Theft Auto radio stations, the humour that made Grand Theft Auto community laugh while playing GTA, and even their gameplay elements, all give a clear idea on what was popular at their time of release. Looking for a Grand Theft Auto modded accounts retailer that offers weekend support, try CSGO Smurf Ninja!

Rockstar used Grand Theft Auto IV to focus on online dating, as its own version of mockery. Meanwhile, with Grand Theft Auto V it went ahead a little bit with a digital wall street, and online portals that allowed you to buy real estate and vehicles online. On the contrary, one thing that still remains to be explored in GTA siblings is social media. And if you are able to pick a signal from the Dec 2023 Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, then this field will be explored for sure in the yet to be released Grand Theft Auto iteration, to make up for the opportunity that Rockstar Games was unable to capitalise on in its past Grand Theft Auto releases. Also, read how To Play With Friends In Counter-Strike 2.

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, GTA has always been all about something new and outstanding. And Rockstar achieves this by working on the elements that tasted success before, and modernising them further, in sync with recent times, in the process ensuring that every one of forthcoming Grand Theft Auto iterations are as memorable as their ancestors. Last but not least, elements from the GTA series that must make a comeback in Grand Theft Auto 6.